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Pull Request Checklist

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Pull requests are an essential collaborative tool for modern software development. I wanted to capture the kinds of questions a developer should ask themselves before asking another developer for a peer review.

These are general guidelines, and are not exhaustive of the types of due diligence every software engineer undertake prior to seeking a peer review, with the aim to:

Developers should ask these types of questions prior to submitting work for review.

Prior to coding

Learning from previous reviews

Have you had a code review in the area of the code affected by your previous PR? If so, have you double checked your current PR for the existence of similar defects?

Some people may find it useful to maintain a (private) journal or log of previous PRs.

Code hygiene

Code organization and correctness



Resource Bundles

The types of applications that Olio creates will often use resource bundles to describe the text or colors presented to the user.

Exiting the current review

Do you have any suggestions for check list items or questions to add to our list?

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