Mobile Development

Cross-Platform Native iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Olio Apps has used the React Native application framework to build multi-device mobile applications since it was released in 2015. We have built and maintained many production-released iOS / Android applications, and can leverage that experience and expertise to help you build your next mission-critical mobile application.

React Native

An engineering partner at every level

We can help you build your mobile application from any degree of guidance available. Whether you have full, hi-fidelity mockups and page flows, or user stories and business requirements, Olio Apps can partner with you to translate this guidance into a mobile app that powers your business and delights your customers.

Build your business on the apps we build for you

React Native

The mobile applications we build for our customers are robust, feature rich, and user-friendly. These experiences are powered by capabilities we’ve implemented, including:

  • Fully responsive user interfaces across all sizes of device and types of device
  • Integrations with GraphQL and RESTful backend services
  • Offline support and syncing
  • Geolocation
  • Biometric authentication
  • Analytics and charting
  • Chat functionality

Custom native components

Despite the wide availability of third-party community libraries and resources within the React ecosystem, there are instances where custom native functionality must be created and integrated within the React Mobile app.

Olio Apps has the proven expertise to build custom native components to service any special functionality that must leverage the particular capabilities of your chosen device profile. We can build these extensions in iOS and Android, and marry them seamlessly with the components under the control of the normal React Native stack.

Continuous delivery, from prototyping to production

Olio Apps uses continuous delivery practices and tools to deliver our mobile application artifacts to our customers at every stage of development, from prototype to production. Android .apks are built and delivered to our customers via continuous delivery services, such as TravisCI and CircleCI, and we use TestFlight and Fastlane to deliver iOS builds as soon as they are ready. As a customer, you will have the option to evaluate the state of your application at any time.

App Store release and acceptance

We have helped many customers meet the requirements of the Google Play and Apple App Stores over the years since React Native was released. Olio Apps keeps abreast of any changes in submission requirements, and we can help ensure that your application is accepted by the app stores and stays compliant over the years.

React Native

Maintenance and support

Having used the React Native framework since its public release, we have extensive experience ensuring that long-lived applications stay current with respect to security patches, React Native and third party framework/library changes, and the quickly evolving needs of your SaaS business.

For those customers who want to take their application development and maintenance in-house, we ensure a comprehensive and smooth transfer of knowledge in the form of documentation and a devops runbook. We also make sure that our applications are built with modularity, clean code practices, and unit-tests to help you maintain the applications for the long haul.

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