Frontend Development

We are experts at building fully responsive, feature-rich React web applications that bring your business to life for your users.

Olio Apps has been developing React web apps since 2015, keeping abreast of that framework as it has evolved. We have expert-level knowledge of React JS and how to leverage it with its extensive ecosystem of libraries and tools to create powerful, scalable, and maintainable single page applications for our SaaS customers.

React Development

Powerful, mission-critical web applications

Olio Apps can help you build the frontend for your SaaS applications. Here are a few of the features we have implemented for our SaaS customers’ web applications:

  • OAuth and social login integrations
  • Analytics dashboards using Victory charts and other popular charting libraries
  • Connections to RESTful and GraphQL backends
  • Firebase backend integration
  • Google Cloud Speech API integration
  • Fully responsive layouts for all form factors and devices
  • Shared codebase with React Native mobile applications (monorepo)

An engineering partner at every level

We can help you develop your web application from any degree of guidance available. Whether you have full, hi-fidelity mockups and page flows, or user stories and business requirements, Olio Apps can partner with you to translate this guidance into a web app that powers your business and delights your customers.

Continuous delivery, from prototyping to production

React Development

Powered by continuous delivery services such as Github Actions, Netlify, CircleCI, and Jenkins, Olio Apps incrementally delivers your application at every step of the software development process. We use this agile delivery method to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the project’s progress and can react with feedback as early and as often as needed.

Maintenance and support

Olio Apps builds web applications that can be seamlessly transferred to your internal team. We make sure the code is clean and well-documented, unit-tested, and built with easily followed conventions. We also make sure that a devops runbook exists for deploying and configuring the application.

Conversely, customers who lack internal engineering resources can lean on us for long-term, affordable maintenance plans.

React Development

Best of breed, robust application development stack

We build large-scale React applications using best practices regarding state management, application logic and flow of control, routing, and styling practices.

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