Olio Apps + Vivante Health: Revolutionizing Digital Health, Gut First

Vivante had mobile apps built on two separate code bases that were hard to scale and difficult to iterate on.


Olio Apps joined forces with Vivante’s engineering team to build a new cross-platform app that supports their long-term vision.


All users were migrated seamlessly to the new app, and thanks to CodePush, Vivante’s team can now release daily updates.

Vivante Health

They’re an incredible team, and I’d recommend them to anybody because working with them is great and they’ve understood our business problem.

Daniel Anolik
Daniel Anolik
CTO, Vivante Health
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Who Is Vivante Health?

Vivante Health is a healthtech startup who hired Olio Apps to rebuild their mobile app, GIThrive. The app helps people with digestive health issues by offering them a personalized care plan and access to a clinical care team. Vivante sells their app to employers, who offer it as a benefit to their employees.

When Vivante came to Olio, they had separate code bases for their iOS and Android apps, which had grown out of early prototypes. The two apps were built in different languages, and it was difficult to keep their code bases in sync. With an ambitious product roadmap, they needed a more robust, cross-platform code base to support their rapidly evolving app. The goal was to make big changes to support their long-term vision, while minimizing the impact to short-term deliverables.

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Collaborative Development

Olio Apps joined forces with Vivante’s engineering team to lead the development of a new cross-platform app, written in TypeScript for React Native with CodePush. We became embedded in their organization and worked closely with their product, design, and engineering teams. To ensure fluid communication, we worked within their environment and collaboration tools.

Olio brought cutting-edge mobile development best practices to the organization and blended them with Vivante’s extensive domain knowledge. By doing this, we were able to transition their users to a complete replacement of the app within a few months of starting our engagement. When the new app was ready, all of the users were migrated seamlessly, without downtime, which was a huge win for Vivante (and for Olio, too!).

Vivante Health

Olio collaborated well with our internal team, cross-training them as they co-built the app, and left us with solid documentation. 10/10, would hire again.

Daniel Anolik
Daniel Anolik
CTO, Vivante Health
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Continued Iteration

The new app was designed to be rapidly iterated on, so Vivante could bring new product enhancements to market quickly and safely. And thanks to CodePush, they can make those updates to their app daily without the App Store. Their engineering team loves the single, cross-platform codebase, and Olio has continued to collaborate with them on supplemental engineering support, freeing up their team to focus on their core business.

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