Backend Development

Web Services and APIs

At Olio Apps, we’re experts in the design, implementation, and deployment of APIs. We are equally at home with microservices, monoliths, and serverless architectures.

Web Services

We speak your language

Olio Apps builds backend solutions in many popular server-side languages and frameworks:

  • Java (J2EE, Spring, Dropwizard)
  • Golang (Gin, Gorm, Gorilla)
  • Python (Flask, Boto3, Pandas)
  • Ruby (Rails)
  • JavaScript/Typescript (NodeJS)
  • PHP (Laravel, CakePHP)

We can help your team build out your next project, whether we’re starting from scratch or jumping into an established codebase.

We can build it in your cloud

Olio Apps leverages the AWS and GCP ecosystems to create scalable, maintainable, and affordable serverless applications.


  • Lambda, Fargate, Step Functions
  • SNS/SQS, Kinesis
  • S3/Athena
  • DynamoDB
  • RDS

On Google Cloud Platform:

  • Cloud Functions, App Engine
  • Firebase
  • Apache Beam
  • Cloud SQL
Web Services

APIs to empower your user interfaces and services

Olio Apps can model your business logic and make it consumable for your user interfaces or other services.

We design powerful, backwards-compatible, and forward-thinking RESTful APIs that evolve with your business. If a more fluid API is required, Olio Apps can implement a GraphQL interface for your backend business logic.

Securing access to your platform

We have many years of experience implementing both client and server-side aspects of the OAuth 2.0 spec. Olio Apps can add an OAuth layer to your RESTful API, allowing other systems to leverage your platform on behalf of your users.

Service integrations

Olio Apps can build bi-directional bridges between your service and many popular platforms. These include messaging services such as Twilio, Sendgrid, and SparkPost; CRMs such as Salesforce and Zendesk; productivity software such as JIRA, Trello, and Google; and many others.

Continuous delivery

A core tenant of Olio Apps’ software development philosophy is continuous delivery. Our favorite CI/CD platforms include CircleCI, Jenkins, and TeamCity. You will be able to interact with and provide feedback on services built by Olio Apps from the very beginning of your engagement.

Maintenance: a partner for the long haul

We build our services to last, providing value for our customers many years after our initial delivery. As dependencies and platforms change, we can keep your software secure and up to date with the latest components.

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