Olio Team


Scott Becker

Senior Dev/Partner

A Tampa, Florida native, Scott relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 and founded Olio Apps in 2012. When not hanging out with his family, biking, or playing in his punk rock band, Scott helps define the scope of customer engagements and oversees the business administration of Olio Apps. Scott’s areas of specialty are in DevOps, product design, technical design, and full stack engineering in React, Golang, and Ruby.

Aron Racho

Senior Dev/Partner

Aron has lived in the Pacific Northwest since the turn of the century. He joined Scott at Olio Apps in late 2015 and helped scale the team to its present size. He is a family man and also has many hobbies, which include music composition, game programming, and reading. Aron’s areas of expertise are project management, dev team management, application architecture, and full stack engineering in Java, Golang, and React.


Cory West-Forbes


Cory is a React developer with a strong React Native focus. When not learning more about development, Cory enjoys traveling, playing music, and reading non-fiction.

Ami Cooper


Ami is a React developer, working on the entire UI stack from CSS frameworks, through the components, and down through the application layers built in Redux and Redux saga. She is passionate about UI/UX design and in her spare time enjoys gaming, weight lifting, and traveling.

Dustin Herboldshimer


Dustin is a developer specializing in React web applications, working on the full application stack (CSS, components, redux/saga backend). He enjoys sipping good bourbon, sci-fi, and family time.

Todd Aden


Todd is a full stack engineer specializing in discovery and rapid prototyping. He enjoys team problem-solving and supporting other developers. Todd has hobbies that include game design, microcontroller projects, metal smithing, and tabletop gaming.

Justin Kerntz


Justin is a UI developer specializing in React and React Hooks. He encourages teamwork and promotes a growth mindset to those around him. While not developing, he enjoys attending local Meetups, game jams, bike-packing, and camping.


George Acosta

Associate Developer

George is a frontend engineer with a background in program management and operations. He specializes in React and React Native applications and enjoys engaging in all aspects of the development life cycle. When not working, George loves getting outdoors, playing guitar, cooking, and spending time with his family.

Aaron Glenn

Associate Developer

Aaron is a full stack engineer specializing in data analysis and creative problem solving. He enjoys deriving new insights from data sets that can be utilized to improve business processes. On the weekends, he is often at the coast for diving or surfing, or at home reading or making wine.

Jessica Henkle

Project Manager

Jessica is a project manager who orchestrates tasks (and people!) to keep things humming along. She likes checklists, calendars, and proper English grammar. When not wrangling projects, you’ll probably find her writing, running, or reading.

Josh Proto


Josh is a marketing strategist who finds the best ways to engage potential customers both online and in person. A lover of content marketing, he likes to find the stories that resonate most with specific groups of people. When not keeping up to date on the newest marketing trends, Josh is usually busy singing Indian classical music.