By Scott Becker
Jul 05, 2024

Celebrating Laurie Waller’s AWS Developer Associate Certification

At Olio Apps we acknowledge that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an industry leader when it comes to providing reliable and scalable cloud services for companies across all domains. Knowing this, we make it our mission to support our team members in growing their knowledge base and expertise regarding the suite of AWS services and use cases so we can suggest the best practices and architectures when it comes to solving client problems. This is why we are excited to announce and celebrate Laurie Waller’s recent AWS Developer Associate Certification. The AWS Developer Associate certification validates expertise in developing cloud-based applications on AWS and ability to design, develop, and deploy applications on AWS. Those who achieve an AWS Certification can be assured they are up to date with Amazon’s best practices and innovation standards.

AWS Developer Associate Bolsters Technical Abilities

Laurie found that the process of studying and learning for the AWS Developer Associate exam bolstered her technical skills:
Securing the AWS Developer Associate certification significantly enhanced my proficiency in deploying, managing, and operating scalable systems on AWS. It not only bolstered my technical skills but also built up my strategic approach to cloud solutions, fostering both personal and professional growth and ensuring our team can deliver top-notch results...
Laurie is a Fullstack Engineer at Olio Apps and a self described lifelong learner. You can learn more about the team at Olio Apps here. Congratulations again Laurie, we are happy to hear you learned so much by studying for your AWS Developer Associate Certification.
Laurie Waller
Laurie Waller

Laurie is a full stack engineer with a background in publishing and editing. Of her many passions for development, she enjoys figuring out problems and being a lifelong learner. A transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Laurie likes to explore new scenery in her free time, camp, try dog parks, and hike.

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